Saturday, December 11, 2010

Senator John Courson Visits Dutch Fork High!

By: Kelly Payne, Social Studies Teacher

It’s not every day a South Carolina state senator — let alone a 25 year public servant — shares with your high school civics class. On November 18th, Senator John Courson spent his morning inspiring, cajoling and motivating the “It Kids.” Courson spoke about his role in the legislative process, his efforts to protect the state’s environment, and other topics that provided the students with an overview of how the state sets good public policy. The students were provided with an opportunity to ask Senator Courson questions about the state issues that are important to them.

One of the students praised Senator Courson for being called a “taxpayer hero” and wanted to know what qualifies him as a real fiscal conservative. The Republican of Richland County said he has always made fiscal restraint a large part of his time in office. Senator Courson said that the most interesting question he was asked was, “with the cost of college soaring, the tough economic climate making it harder for many to pay, should colleges offer three-year degrees?” He said that is a possible solution that our state hasn’t considered yet.

We’re fortunate to have committed elected officials like Senator Courson.

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