Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dutch Fork High Wins ACT/SAT High Performance Award

By: Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S, Assistant Principal for Instruction

It is our pleasure to announce that Dutch Fork High School is a receipent of the ACT/SAT Performance Improvement Award (ASPI) by the South Carolina Department of Education. The ASPI awards program recognizes schools whose scores exceed the national average, improvement in composite score exceeds the state average, and/or score is in the top tenth percentile in the state.

South Carolina is one of only a few states that have increased high school seniors’ scores on the ACT college entrance exam over the past five years despite dramatically increasing the number of students who took the exam. Its 22-point gain in SAT scores leads the nation over the past ten years among states where more than half of the graduating seniors take the test.

“I commend these schools for what they have accomplished,” said State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex. “Their students, teachers, counselors, administrators and parents have aimed high and worked extremely hard – setting an example for other schools in their districts and regions.

As a receipent of this award, we have been officially recognizied by State Superintendent of Education (Jim Rex), received a certificate, and banners to display in the school. We applaud the dedication and hard work of our administrators, teachers, students, staff, parents, and community. We look forward to continued accolades as we work towards continuous school-wide improvement.

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