Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dutch Fork High Students' Brave New Frontier With Ipad's in Classrooms

By: Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S., Assistant Principal for Instruction

Irmo — Dutch Fork High School has an award winning reputation for innovation in the classroom with students and teachers while producing some of the highest test scores in the country. With the addition of new technologies, they are hoping to set the bar a little higher. 

This month, the school — is incorporating the iPad, Apple's latest portable computer, into classrooms to assist students. The iPads allow the students to work digitally on multiple subjects and use applications designed to aid learning. They also make the school a leader in the push for more technology in the classroom. 

"Technology is changing so fast and we're educating kids for jobs that don't yet exist. Technology is providing different ways of learning and communicating said Gregg Morton, the school's principal." This technology will provide students with an advantage in digital learning to support their efforts and improve confidence while increasing success and behavior. Ipads allow for community-based learning while accessing textbooks and literature to assist with reading, research, and web-based interactivity during classroom instruction.  

Students at Dutch Fork High agree that using technology to help them learn will improve their test results and allow them to focus during classroom time. One student stated "it's a better way to learn. When teacher's make it fun, we feel that we can learn anything."

By incorporating new and emerging technologies, Dutch Fork High continues to lead the way with innovation in the classroom to improve performance outcomes. 

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