Thursday, December 9, 2010

Semester Exam Schedule 2010-2011

By: Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S., Assistant Principal for Instruction

Exam Schedule for 2010-2011

Year Long Courses:
December 13            Blocks 1A, 3A
December 14            Blocks 5B, 7B
December 15            (Holiday Programs- No Exams)
December 16            Blocks 6B, 8B
December 17            Blocks 2A, 4A

Semester Courses:
January 10                Blocks 1A, 3A
January 11                Blocks 5B, 7B
January 12                Blocks 2A, 4A           (No Delayed Opening)
January 13                Blocks 6B, 8B


A student who misses a mid-year or final exam will not be allowed to make up the exam unless he/she has approval from Assistant Principal for Instruction. Any exam not made up will result in a grade of "0" for that exam. Recognizing that there may be some exceptions, the following are valid reasons for making up exams:

1. Death in the immediate family.

2. Confirmed move out of the district that will occur within two weeks prior to the end of the term.

3. Illness as confirmed by a written statement from a doctor. (Only a medical excuse from a doctor will be accepted.)

4. Out of town trips should not be scheduled during exams.  Students will not be allowed to take make-up exams because of travel.  Some make-up days for inclement weather are included at the end of the school year and may affect the exam schedule. Plan accordingly!

After the exam schedule has been completed, the make-up exam for the midterm (if approved by the Assistant Principal for Instruction) must be taken during non-instructional time at the classroom teacher's discretion.  The make up time for final exams will be determined by the Assistant Principal for Instruction.


Only A student who qualifies as a senior at the beginning of the school year may exempt the final examination for a course if she/he;

1. Has official senior status at the beginning of the school year;

2. Has an overall 85 or better average in the course; and

3. Have not received any suspensions or Twilight detentions during the entire school year.

With regard to a semester course, the final examination occurs at the end of either semester.

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