Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome Mrs. Ray to Dutch Fork High - New Staff Profile

Business Ed. Teacher, Yvonne Ray
Can you tell us a little about your background?

University of South Carolina (Coastal) - 30 hrs. Above Masters - Education Specialist
SC State University -  M.Ed.  - Business Education
                                     B.S. - Business Administration and Education
Professional Certification in Business Education
20 yrs. of Teaching Experience
Honors and Awards
National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine Honorary Member (2010-2011)

Why did you become a teacher?

My desire to teach began in my childhood years when I would make my younger sisters and brothers sit in chairs as I taught them how to read, write, do simple math and spell.  My chalkboard was the wall in the family basement.

My passion and pursuit really began when my high school business teacher inspired me to pursue a career in Business Education.  She told me that I had a gift with my hands and that I was very strong with computer technology.  I would also mimic her and desired to be like her because she was such an awesome teacher.

What appealed to you about Dutch Fork High School?
My appeal to Dutch Fork is because it is an award winning school that offers a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum for high school students;  it is one of South Carolina’s finest and best schools in the Metropolitan area; ranked as one of the country’s top high schools in the Newsweek magazine; excellent administrators, faculty and staff; great parental support; and students are focused on high achievement.

The school is the envy and model for all schools in South Carolina.

Tell us some interesting about yourself?
I am gifted and fascinated with fashion and design of apparel and home decor.

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