Friday, September 24, 2010

USC Symphony Welcomes Dutch Fork High Students!

A wonderful night of beautiful music was had by all our orchestra students who attended the USC Symphony last night!  The Koger Center for the Arts was filled with buzzing patrons, guests, students and fans as they kicked off their first performance of the year last night.  An unbelievable performance by Rachel Barton Pine as she joined the Symphony on Scottish Fantasy, op.46  Rachel is an amazing woman of strength and has over come personal obstacles to remain in the music industry at such a high level.  She and her husband live in Chicago but she travel extensively.  Check out her personal story here-she was a virtuoso at age 7!  What is even more amazing is her ability to connect with the younger generation with classical music.  "Where metal meets classical" is how she describes her love for heavy metal!
Our students were personally welcomed during the show by the USC
Symphony's conductor Dr. Donald Portnoy.  Our students were one of 4 high schools who were chosen to be apart of a rare weekend of strings and the opportunity to perform with the USC Symphony on Saturday.  The culminating performance will be on Saturday at 3:30pm in the Koger Center for the Arts.  The Dutch Fork community should be very proud of this invitation and the opportunity our students have had to enjoy a high level of training from such gifted musicians.
You can learn more about them on Facebook.

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