Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dutch Fork High using Web 2.0 in Education

Ms. Carol Jackson uses Edmodo.com
You won't believe all the technology that is being integrated into the classroom at Dutch Fork High School!  From Flickr to Blogger to even Tweeting with Mr. Morton, students are using Web 2.0 tools to complete projects, collaborate with small groups and so much more.

Ms. Carol Jackson, who teaches AP English, recently used Edmodo.com to facilitate a paper on one of the literary pieces she uses to cover the South Carolina Standards.  Take a minute to look at the tool and the tour!  It's very slick! Web 2.0 Tools are here to stay. Creating value at an early age will make our students more competitive and comfortable with these tools as they continue to advance to college.
Students are engaged and excited to use the technology they usually only are able to use at home.  During one class period Mr. Morton was able to log onto the site and personally tweet the class on what a great job they had done!  An excitement and connection was created through the Web 2.0 tool that had never been used prior.

Education is about integrating technology not just learning pieces and parts.  At Dutch Fork High, we understand Web 2.0 tools are the future for our students and the jobs they will attain in years to come.

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