Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome Mrs. Huckabee to Dutch Fork High - New Staff Member Profile

English Teacher, Stephanie Huckabee
Can you tell us a little about your background?
I did my student teaching in 1996 at Irmo High School and though I had a great experience there, I knew the minute I met some of the staff at DFHS that I wanted to be a part of the Silver Fox family. I began my teaching career in the English Department at DFHS in 1997 and after a couple of years in teaching, I entered the field of pharmaceutical sales. The company that hired me was recruiting teachers specifically as we are known to be incredibly organized and highly effective under pressure.

I've also been involved in the fitness industry since 1996 and spent some time focusing on workout video production, website marketing and television sales. Despite the success in other fields, I always felt like a little piece of me was missing. When my daughter entered her first year in our district, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to return to the classroom. I also knew that my goal was ultimately to return to DFHS.

Why did you become a teacher?
I went to college to become a broadcast news professional and along the way had roommates who were studying to become teachers. Though I enjoyed the work in the College of Journalism, I found myself often thinking of lesson ideas in context of teaching English after seeing their projects. The decision to go to graduate school to become an English teacher was a natural move for me. As an English teacher I'm able to do what I love most - teaching students the power of words and the benefits of communicating effectively with others through the written and spoken word.

What appealed to you about Dutch Fork High School?
Dutch Fork demands a level of professionalism among staff members at all levels of teaching. Whether you're teaching a struggling class or the brightest students, I believe that we as a staff honor one another with the respect our calling deserves. I love that our student body is diverse. I treasure the fact that in this one school we're charged with educating students from every end of the spectrum in abilities and resources so that they can graduate and take on the next challenge. And of course, we work hard, but we play hard too!

Tell us some interesting about yourself?I've choreographed and been the lead instructor for almost 30 workout videos for brands including the Firm, Weight Watchers and QVC and still have many titles on the market. Teaching fitness classes is my stress reliever and I'm also a certified personal trainer.

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