Monday, September 26, 2011

All Clear!

At approximately 5:56pm, law enforcement officers completed their investigation, and determined that the campus (all buildings, parking lots, and adjacent fields) were clear and allowed all staff members to re-enter the building. Earlier this afternoon, the Richland County Sheriff's Department received a bomb threat of a credible nature through the emergency switchboard. In consultation with school officials, an order of evacuation was issued with teachers and students being moved to a safe distance (Dutch Fork Middle School) from the building. The response teams from the various state agencies worked aggressively to assess the extent of the threat and determined that the building was safe to re-enter.

We are thankful that students were never in any danger whatsoever. The precautions taken were in the best interest of all students and staff members. We appreciate the patience of all parents with the combined dismissals at both schools.

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