Thursday, January 13, 2011

Revised Exam Schedule & Start of Second Semester

Revised Exam Schedule (Semester Classes) & Start of Second Semester
By: Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S., Assistant Principal for Instruction

The exam schedule for Dutch Fork High School has been revised in order to accommodate for the instructional time lost due to inclimate weather. Semester Exams will be administered as follows:

Tuesday January 18th                                Blocks 1A, 3A
Wednesday January 19th                       Blocks 5B & 7B (No Delayed Opening)
Thursday January 20th                              Blocks 2A, 4A
Friday January 21st                                  Blocks 6B, 8B

Note: Wednesday January 19th will be a normal instructional day. We will not have a delayed opening on this day because of semester exams. The first semester will end on January 21st. Report cards will be sent home by students on January 27th.

The 2nd Semester will start on Monday January 24th which is a A-day. Students will report to their second semester classes as indicated by their schedules. Lost schedules can be obtained through the Guidance office.

Remember, as required by law, the school district has three make-up days incorporated into the calendar. Those days are February 21, March 18 and June 3. We will announce at a later date which of these dates are A-days or B-days on our calendar.

A student who misses a mid-year or final exam will not be allowed to make up the exam unless he/she has approval from Assistant Principal for Instruction. Any exam not made up will result in a grade of "0" for that exam. Recognizing that there may be some exceptions, the following are valid reasons for making up exams:

1. Death in the immediate family.
2. Confirmed move out of the district that will occur within two weeks prior to the end of the term.
3. Illness as confirmed by a written statement from a doctor. (Only a medical excuse from a doctor will be accepted.)
4. Out of town trips should not be scheduled during exams. Students will not be allowed to take make-up exams because of travel. Some make-up days for inclement weather are included at the end of the school year and may affect the exam schedule. Plan accordingly!

After the exam schedule has been completed, the make-up exam for the midterm (if approved by the Assistant Principal for Instruction) must be taken during non-instructional time at the classroom teacher's discretion. The make up time for final exams will be determined by the Assistant Principal for Instruction.

Only A student who qualifies as a senior at the beginning of the school year may exempt the final examination for a course if she/he;

1. Has official senior status at the beginning of the school year;
2. Has an overall 85 or better average in the course; and
3. Have not received any suspensions or Twilight detentions during the entire school year.
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