Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Academic Video Tutorials

By: Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S., Assistant Principal for Instruction

We have an exciting new feature on our website that is available to all students. Utilizing the weblinks to the Kahn Academy, students at Dutch Fork High School have access to over 1800+ (and growing) videos on YouTube covering everything from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and from biology to chemistry and beyond. Also included are a series of exercises that allow students to practice and assess their knowledge at their own pace.

In addition to Compass Learning, Apex, teacher-led academic assistance and the services of our Academic, Literacy, and Enrichment Center (ALEC), students have twenty-four access to a library of standards related material. We are so excited to be able to link the students of Dutch Fork High to this extensive collection filled with user-paced exercises thus allowing us to join Khan Academy in becoming the free classroom for the world.

As an award-winning school, Dutch Fork High continues to advocate using varied approaches to explain concepts to students. Visit our webpage @ to begin accessing the free video tutorials. Once there, select from the left menu:

- For Students
- Kahn Academy Tutorials
- Select Topic (Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry, etc...)
- Select Skill (Simple Equations, Phthagorean Theorem II, Acid Base Introduction, etc...)
- Select Play

We feel that this is an invaluable resource to students and should help with those difficult concepts and lessons. It is our hope that you will utilize this free material to ensure that your student obtains a level of course mastery consistent with their academic goals and career plans. If you need any further information, feel free to give us a call here at school @ 476-3305.

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