Friday, January 28, 2011

New Forensic Science Course 2010/2011

By Carl Tilson, Science Teacher

Do you have an interest in a Forensic Science career? Have you recently seen any of the popular television shows CSI Miami, Los Angeles, New York and thought to yourself, “wow that would be an amazing career, I wish they taught that in my high school.” Well we've got great news for all students and parents. Dutch Fork High School is adding Forensic Science to its expansive list of course offerings for 2011-2012!

Course Description:

Forensic Science is a lab course that teaches the science of crime scene investigation through a detailed examination of the following topics:
ü      Crime scene techniques
ü      Physical evidence
ü      Glass, soil, organic and inorganic analysis
ü      Microscopy
ü      Drugs, toxicology, serology and DNA analysis
ü      Bloodstain pattern analysis
ü      Trace evidence
ü      Fire investigation and explosives
ü      Firearms, documents and fingerprints

This course is based on the application of topics from biology and chemistry which are utilized in new and exciting ways to solve crime. Forensic Science is an introductory course for students who are interested in criminal justice, law enforcement, crime scene investigation, or who consider becoming a laboratory technician.

Why take Forensic Science?

ü      You need a fourth science or fifth science based on your college or career goals.
ü      You want a different science experience than what is offered in a traditional science elective.
ü      You are curious or interested in a potential career in law enforcement.

What are the prerequisites for forensic Science?

Biology 1 College Preparatory and Chemistry 1 College Preparatory
Biology 1 CP and currently enrolled in Chemistry 1 CP
Teacher recommendation

If you are interested in taking Forensic Science at Dutch Fork High School next year (2011-12), please see Mr. Carl Tilson, Mrs. Susan Elvis, Mr. Patrick Smallwood, or any member of the guidance staff. You can also contact us here at school at 476-3305.

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