Monday, February 27, 2012

DECA Students Perform in an Exemplary Fashion at the Competition!

This weekend at the DECA State Competitions in Charleston S.C.,  Dutch Fork High DECA students really shined and brought home a lot of awards. There were over 600 students from all over South Carolina and every DFHS student that competed placed and was able to go on stage and receive a medallion, WOW!!. We are very proud of those students and their advisor (Mrs. Norma Brown). We had 5 first place winners, 3 second place winners, 1 third place winner,3 4th Place winners, and 4 students in the Top Ten.

The winners are as follows:

First Place
LaruaGuirau- Retail Merchandising
Ramzie Dalloul- Restaurant and Food Marketing
Tal Wanish- Principles of Marketing
Ben Rowland- Buying and Merchandising Team Event
Morgan Soard- Buying and Merchandising Team Event

Second Place
Weston Petersen-Restaurant and Food Marketing
Katie Walshe- Buying and Merchandising Team Event
Kristy O'Keefe- Buying and Merchandising Team Event

Third Place
Rachael Spilka- Business Services Marketing

4th Place
Faith Holmes- Apparel and Accessories
Amanada Washington- Principles of Marketing
Lawrence Borrmann- Hotel and Lodging Management

Top 10
Jalissa McBeth- Accounting Applications
Taylor Gaskins-Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Event
Austin Wise- Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Event
Ryan Asciutto-Marketing Management

The first place, second place and third place winners will now go on to compete at the International competitions in Salt Lake City, Utah April 27th through May 3rd.

By: Norma Brown, DECA Advisor and Business Education Teacher

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