Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Student Body Election Results

By: Laurie Humphrey, Student Activities Sponsor

Sophomore President: Carter Cowsert
Sophomore Vice President: Francis Lee

Sophomore Secretary: Grace Etherington

Sophomore Treasurer: Blake Page

Junior President: Rachel McAfee
Junior Vice President: Michael Faikes

Junior Secretary: Logan Ellis

Junior Treasurer: Shannon Roberson

Senior President: Caitlyn Etherington
Senior Vice President: Savannah Norton

Senior Secretary: Dana Hurtik

Senior Treasurer: Emilee Pence

Student Body Public Relations: London Lecy and Erica Wells

Student Body Clubs, Elections, and Recognition: Morgan Holton

Student Body Activities Directors: Adam Devenport and Davis Tuggle

Student Body Secretary: Erica Duane

Student Body Vice President: Nick Wyatt

Student Body President: Alex Ziesing

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