Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dutch Fork Students Build 3D Models of Human Skin!

By Carl Tilson, Science Teacher,

The students at Dutch Fork High School are taking their creative skills to a new plateau in order to master learned material. In their Human Anatomy and Physiology class, under the facilitation of Mr. Carl Tilson (teacher), students built 3D models of human skin to demonstrate all of the anatomical features found between the hypodermis and the outermost layer of the epidermis. This project required students to translate 2D diagrams, microscopic studies and lecture topics into a 3D model that demonstrated all of the features of human skin. They were asked to use Styrofoam blocks as their base and then mold, paint or carve the features in detail. According to Assistant Principal for Instruction, Robert Jackson, "when students embrace heads on, hands on learning, they will better position themselves for holistic content mastery. Teachers are encouraged to continue with this type of exploratory (project based learning) to help students fully master standards and/or indicators."  We are extremely proud of these students as they continue to demonstrate their mastery of Human Anatomy.

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