Saturday, August 13, 2011

Freshman Orientation at Dutch Fork High!

By: Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S.,
Assistant Principal for Instruction

As the school year begins, rising 9th grade students at one of America's best high schools assembled for another one of their transition experiences. At Dutch Fork High, we use events like these to ease the transition to high school and prepare students for classes. Preceding this event, student's were subjected to enriching summer reading assignments, course registration, and a summer bridge experience.

In order to cultivate their high school experience, we have assembled an amazing team 9th grade teachers in college preparatory, honors, and advanced placement classes. Through these rigorous classroom experiences which will feature 21st Century Pedagogy, innovative and authentic assessments, and project/problem based learning, we will work diligently to ensure content mastery and a high level of proficiency on standardized assessments. In doing so, we will prepare students for their college and/or career experiences.

We are looking forward to another award winning year. Join us in our pursuit of continuous excellence.
- Enter to Learn...Go Forth to Serve!!!!!

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