Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top Ten Students Recognized!

By: Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S., Assistant Principal for Instruction

On Wednesday May 18, 2011, we had the distinct pleasure of recognizing the top ten students in each grade for their exemplary academic performance. These students consistently take the most rigorous classes in their respective academic programs while maintaining very high grade point averages. Principal Gregg Morton reminded students to "continue to work hard and diversify their experiences. This will lead to their comprehensive preparation and post-secondary readiness." We are extremely proud of these students and congratulate them along with their parents for a job well done!


1. Oliva B.
2. Haley C.
3. Christine H.
4. Rachel H.
5. Francis L.
6. Daniel O.
7. Shrusti P.
8. Tulsi P.
9. Logan S.
10. Tristan Y.

 1. Frederic B.
2. Lauren B.
3. Jordan H.
4. Mark K.
5. Madeline K.
6. Stephanie O.
7. Alexis P.
8. Samadwara R.
9. Benjamin S.
10. Cole Y.

1. Benjamin A.
2. Jennifer I.
3. Aubrey L.
4. Rhianna L.
5. Clayton L.
6. Alyson R.
7. Michael S.
8. Elizabeth W.
9. Zachary  W.
10. Austin W.


1. Jillian C.
2. Delaney H.
3. Hannah K.
4. Laura M.
5. Jesse R.
6. Tyler S.
7. Seth R
8. Tyler V.
9. Gloria W.
10. Emiley Z.

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